Endings and Beginnings

It was quite the emotional day and we STILL have one more day of school to go.  However, they held their final assembly at the kids school today, and since Adam was playing in the band AND they were both singing, mom and I decided to attend.  What made the assembly especially poignant was that it was also to celebrate the retirement of their much loved librarian/teacher and the no there long enough principal.

school band


All the kids did a fabulous job.   The kindergarteners singing ‘You are my Sunshine’ almost finished me.  But the finale of the kids singing the Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole version of ‘Over the Rainbow sent me right into the kleenex.

Our school does such a great job creating an environment where the kids are free to share unforced love and and affection.   The kids are all so comfortable on stage and it is a real pleasure watching them interact with the teachers and staff .  Our school is one of the good one’s for sure.   And kudo’s to the principal getting a breakfast program sponsored this year.

In my view, our little school is all that Canada is supposed to be.  It is an absolute mix and microcosm of cultures, religions, economics, abilities and issues.    The kids don’t evaluate each other based on income or skin colour.  They are just friends.   Or not.  Not everyone has to be friends, but we seem to have very little issues with bullying or aggression.   All the kids seem to rub along really well, and you get that sense especially at their year end and Christmas celebrations.

The librarian teacher will be missed especially by Caity.   She was her teacher for two days a week and Caity adores her.  Not only because she was more like a mom than a teacher, but because she would let Caity hide out in the library when things felt a ‘bit much’ for her.  She always understood that Caity needed down time.     That sort of relationship is special and does not happen all the time.

Caity is so much like me in many many ways, the need for quiet time is one way.    The other is, sadly, our lack of sticking power and confidence in ourselves when it comes to learning new things.  Case in point.  Her nana gave her a skateboard for her birthday.   Her fear of falling and lack of patience is not making her experience with the board a lot of fun for her or anybody around her.

I always expected to just be able to ‘do things.’   I wanted my art to look like something from the Art Museum.  I wanted to play the violin without learning to read music or..you know…learn how to play the thing.  The whole learning thing always seemed like too much effort.  Or fear of failure was a factor too, who knows.   I think sometimes Caity sets herself up ahead of time for failure…..without seeing a glimmer of hope or excitement  for taking on a new project.

Granted it has taken me 40 odd years to beat my negativity and fear out of my system.   I really hope it doesn’t take that long for Caity.   Honestly, my patience and sanity can’t take much more of it.



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  1. Maxine Adam says:

    Great article Kerry, I do think it is all about the fear of failure. It is something that has dogged me all my life too, fear of taking that chance, all the ‘what ifs’. I hope Caitlyn finds another teacher who understands her needs and I’m sure if she could find a spot away from everyone (including her brother!) to practice with the skateboard, she’ll be fine.

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