Stay @ Home Media


Stay @ Home Media is the umbrella “Company” that Crunchy Carpets belongs to.   It is also the name under which my freelance social media marketing and content work is covered.  I used to try to separate Crunchy Carpets from my ‘professional’ side but have realized that is foolish since the blog is where I have developed my brand, my influence and my experience working with PR agencies and companies on many influencer and awareness campaigns.

Under my professional ‘hat’ I have managed social media for ecommerce businesses, written content for mining companies and created web content for engineering sites.

I have also been amazingly fortunate to work with three amazing women under the Digitally Yours name who are as equally passionate about blogger outreach and social media marketing on the Digitally Yours project.  For over a year, we brought together brands, agencies,and bloggers in monthly workshops where we shared our take on the blogging biz.

If you want to learn more about my views on blogging and influence marketing, you can read  here and you can reach me by filling out the form below or emailing me at