An Apple a Day Can Win Prizes in February

BC Tree Fruit


My children will be horrified that I am promoting GOOD eating instead of something baaaaad.  Although, my kids to profess to love apples and Tara is all fruits all the time.  So I can’t be a total parenting failure right?

February is apparently National Apple Month and so the British Columbia Tree Fruits folk want to make sure you enjoy one of the many delicious varieties that are grown here right in BC.  Starting February 1st, visit the BCTF Good to Go site and upload of a photo of yourself enjoying one of BC’s delicious apples and you could win $4000 to share with the charity of your choice!

BCTF’s resident nutritionist Darcel Markgraf, has created some sweet and savoury dishes that are sure to please any child including Apple Pizza, Tacos with Apples, and Apple Valentine!

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