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I was thrilled to accept an invite from Telus to not only attend but get an inside sneak preview of the We Day event by Free the Children. Telus kindly provided us all with the new Samsung Galaxy III to record the experience for our memories and the above video.  It was so inspirational, and made especially so in that I got to take Tara with me to the rehearsals the day before and then my son Adam to the actual event.  He was thrilled since it was only grade 7’s from his school that were attending.

Having a chance to meet some of the speakers, including the brothers Kielburger was a real honour.  My children were particularly struck by Spencer West.   Tara had never seen someone with no legs and Adam and Caity were so amazed by his epic climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.  He really made an impression on them.

After the event both children were very excited about trying to raise pennies for the Free the Children Water Initiative that is being pushed on through the holidays with the help of the RBC.   Many schools, including ours are raising pennies too and we have contributed to that campaign.

A small token effort in the grand scheme of things.

This time of year does make us focus on those that are in need home and far away.  As I get older and with being a parent trying to teach by example, I am more and more aware of the need to do something no matter how small to help in anyway I can.  We sponsored a girl in Egypt this year through Plan Canada, mainly so I could have a teaching tool to show the children how others live around the world.

Thus I could not say no when Free the Children asked if I was up for a little challenge….even though I am TERRIBLE at fund raising….I said yes to seeing just how much I as a blogger and mother could contribute (pennywise) to their WE CREATE CHANGE initiative, because yes indeed – we DO create change.   Changing the world starts with one person…..and that one person can influence another and that person can influence another and so on.  A pyramid scheme of good.

So here I am with a bunch of these empty bags waiting for pennies.  To be honest, I don’t have a lot of extra pennies to give, so I am reaching out to all of you, especially those of you living here in the Lower Mainland.

Help me out.

If you have any pennies to add to my bags, let me know.  I am not hard to find.  Tweet me, Facebook me, email me.  I will then make the effort to meet up and collect your donation.    I have until January 11th to collect enough pennies to fill my four bags.

That is not all:  I have five of these GORGEOUS Rafiki Friend Chains.  These would make EXCELLENT Christmas presents!!  They are only $10 and one chain represents clean water for one person for one year.   Again, let me know if you want one or two and  I will arrange to get them to you as soon as I can.

I understand that there are many organizations out there who are all asking for donations and all are equally deserving.  There is only so much to give, that I totally understand.  This is just my small way of helping out and you can too if you want.

So Lower Mainland friends and family, spread the word, send my link around and lets see if we can get ANY pennies for Free the Children.


Thank you.

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