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Last week I had the pleasure of being flown out to Toronto and put up at the AMAZING Four Seasons for a night to attend a one day event (and lovely dinner) with P&G Canada.   P&G make a lot of products and brands that we all use daily, it was amazing to look through my house and see how many fall under the P&G brand.  They are a HUGE global company.

There has  always been a bit of controversy between bloggers about who and what companies we align ourselves with, but when it comes to my blog, I stick with my rule that if I USE their products and LIKE em already, I can work with them.   This goes for reviews and advertising.  We don’t us all P&G brands, but we use a lot, so they fall into my okay category.  For others, they do not and the snark from both sides was all over the P&G hashtag during and after the event.

I really enjoyed the event, not just for the swag and the lovely hotel, but for the chance to meet a lot of bloggers that I did not know and chat with them about their blogging world.  It was a huge learning experience for me.  The East side Canadian review bloggers are a savvy lot.  They know their business and their market and don’t sell themselves short for some swag.  They asked the P&G people intelligent questions and we honest about their feelings on the various brands.

I also loved watching PR and Marketing in action, and P&G and their team were working hard and did a great job of it not turning into purely a sales pitch.   Their spokespeople were friendly and well informed.  I enjoyed chatting with them all.   I told them that while the ads for products that make life easy are  great, I get guilty feelings about them since I am concerned about packaging and how much of that convenience goes into the landfill.  Hence my switch to cloth diaper’s and my efforts at using less chemical cleaning products.  P&G do seem to be aware of the growing concerns about what products are made from, how they are made and how they are packaged and you can read their own reports here.    Like any large corporation, they are there to make money, but a successful company has to listen to their customers and so I hope being connected to them will help them learn more about what we the consumers want from their brands.



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