2012 Ford Edge Made Me Look Cool

That was a nice ride. So nice that I honestly did not take the time to take my own photos of us using the car. We were too busy using the car and enjoying it.  For a family, this is an awesome alternative to a mini van.  I still lean toward the Explorer for the extra seating, but for CARGO, kids and looking good – this is my first choice.  However I have not yet tested the Ford Flex and that has the seating and ‘fun’ right?

The 2012 Ford Edge with Ecoboost  four cylinder engine promises great performance with style and practicality.  This crossover promises fuel economy without cutting back on performance.   I drove this around town and in pouring rain on the highway to Chilliwack and back and it felt fast, comfortable and safe.   It also had plenty of power and control to get us up Sumas Mountain onto gravel roads.

The Ford BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with cross traffic alerts and collision warnings gave me the confidence to handle poor driving conditions.  Add the auto wipers and the auto lights and I was in control of the road.  Fords feel safe now.   We were never impressed with our old Focus, so driving the newer Fords is a true pleasure to see the efforts that have been made in improving them.

I was also thrilled that after the Explorer and Lincoln failed me (or I them) the Sync finally worked with iPhone.   The kids love the car warning me to pay attention to my driving and not all the pretty buttons on the dash.  I did love the steering control…made life easier too.

Ease is what Ford is all about.    This car managed all the things a busy mom with a larger family needs. I could fit three kids with one in a car seat no problem apart from a bit of an awkwardness reaching the seat belts.  However, the kids were comfortable and happy in the seats.  Had we only TWO kids, they would have enjoyed a great centre console with storage and cup holders.

I had the kids and a neurotic dog in the car.  The dogs crate fit nicely in the back with room to spare.  I loved the cargo space with the removable tray for easy clean up.   Moon roofs and sun roofs made us all happy too.    So did the heated seats on a cold dreary day.

This was the first Ford that my husband also really liked.   This was a model and style that certainly appealed to him, as did the price range.

The Ford Edge Limited starts at $38,000. The one we drove had extras that brought it up to $45,000.

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  1. I think whoever drives a car as expensive as that will look cool! But technically, is there anything you do not like about it?

    Thanks for sharing!

    -June H.

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