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I was asked to join the Green Works Community on Big Tent so we could share our experiences with the products.  Since I already use them, I agreed.  I am a bit behind, but do want to share my views on the items that were sent to me to check out.  Sent just in time for me trying to get a grip on cleaning my messy house.

I am always incredibly sceptical when it comes to how ‘GREEN’ a product really is.  Mainly because I wonder how green the actual manufacturing is of the the products.  Mass production is not exactly an energy efficient system.  However, bottom line for me tends to be cost and how healthy the product is for my family and if it does work.

I have been quite happy with the Green Works like of products by Clorox. I already use the all purpose cleaner due its lack of strong chemical smell.  It works well on most surfaces and is my one stop for finger prints etc on walls.  The bottles are also recyclable .  I try to find products too that I can refill from larger containers.

I was most impressed with the Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  I hate cleaning toilets and our one toilet for 5 people gets a lot of traffic.   It did a great job of making the toilet bowl totally clean and shiny.  Better than many other cream products I have tried.

I have a love hate relationship with the next product that they sent.  I LOVE packaged wipes for the convenience.  I used to use baby wipes as dusters and love the chemical wipes for quick attacks of the problem areas in my house that just don’t stay clean.  However, I HATE single use products and the waste they produce.  The Green Works wipes are compostable and 100 % biodegradable.   This assuages my guilt quite a bit.

There are many many mom’s out there that make their own cleaning products with the simple items like vinegar and baking soda.  And yes, the more natural and safer and cheaper we can be the better for us and for the environment.  But people like me do shop for convenience over 100% dedication to DIY environmentalism and so being able to have a choice of products that not only work but are at least TRYING to do better for landfills and so on make life a little easier for us.

Do visit the Green Works Cleaners website for more information and ideas about cleaning better.  The best we can do is research and ask questions and demand quality from the large companies that provide these products.


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