Harrison Hot Springs Resort – Mini Vacation

Getting an invite to head up to Harrison Hot Springs Resort on the last couple of day of Spring Break was almost too perfect.  It became perfect when we were told it was a pet friendly hotel and we were more than welcome to bring our pup, Lily. When the clouds cleared and the sun shone, it was the perfect mini road trip.

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I haven’t been up there in years, since before I was a mom.  My memories were of Big Foot carvings, the sandy beach and a lovely hotel reserved for retirees and those without children.  Boy things have changed as the place was packed with families all sporting towels and robes as they tooled back and forth to the lovely spring fed pools.

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The kids were agog at the lovely vista ofsnow capped peaks as we drove up to the resort.  I had forgotten how pretty it was there.  Tara was worried about the Sasquatch though.  I have to admit I am disappointed that the presence of Big Foot is not as big as it was when I was a kid visiting the area.  My son stared out our room window and exclaimed ‘I can’t believe this is their every day view.’  Us city folk obviously don’t get out enough.
photo 2The hotel offers many family centric packages, their next one’s are focused on the Easter break with a brunch in their lovely Copper Room overlooking the aforementioned pools.  The views and hot spring pools are not the only draws for kids.  Ours were delighted to check out the games room with the two Wii’s set up and a great selection of games and board games too.  They also had a great selection of kid friendly movies playing throughout the day and evening.  The prices are reasonable, especially when you consider that visiting Harrison avoids ferry costs and border lineups. The buffet menu’s were great for the kids too.  Tasty food to suit all picky eaters, with a great view thrown in.
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Even without the great activities that our hosts had lined up for us, the kids would have enjoyed the stay.  As we would have too.  I loved my twilight walk to the hot springs along the lake shore with Lily.  It was so quiet and so beautiful   – a true break from the noise of city living.

We have been ordered to go again over the summer, and I am sure we will.  Being able to enjoy a bit of luxury (the pools are so nice) and peace and quiet just a short drive out of town is too good to miss.

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