Speaking of Cats….

We certainly hope our cat comes back…from the vet that is.

Molly hasn’t been feeling well. I think she may have caught something from eating a bird. She has been very listless and sad looking so after staring at her at 3 am….she had been trying to cough up ‘something’… I decided to cancel my plans this (which SUCKED) and whisk her away to the vet.

You can’t blame us for being a tad paranoid after poor Callie. I can’t have 2012 be so negative against our animals health…I just can’t.

So she is there now getting rehydrated and iv’d and tested and we will hopefully here soon how she is doing.

I realize that many people are suffering far worse as we speak, but I am finding I am feeling a tad put upon this 2012 so far. 2011 scared us and now I am feeling wary and nervous and wondering what will befall us next.

I try to stay positive. I try to focus on the now and the future with a positive light…but those constant little hiccups in the road tend to wear me down and make me feel like we will never get ahead….never move on.

It just gets all a little exhausting sometimes. The light at the end of the tunnel can seem very far away…….even when the light of the love of my family is all around. Some little signs of encouragement would be nice.

Sick cats and high vet bills weren’t the signs I was looking for.

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  1. Just so you know, there is an idiot on YouTube spamming everybody and he/she says their website is yours. Their YouTube user name is DickHead69able. I hope that isn’t really you…

  2. Good Luck. I hope Molly is back home with you soon!

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