A Pain in the Back

Thursday morning had me filled with anxiety and upset as we stared at the boards posted outside the kids school. On it were the class listings…every grade split. Every single one.

I realize that some think this is a fine way to do it…..I am not so sure.

I had gone with Patrick to take the kids to school, so I would specifically be able to take the time to make sure Adam and Caity were going to be okay.

I was upset to see that Adam wasn’t with some of the people I knew he considered friends, but seemed to have others, so in the confusion of trying to find the right classrooms for both, I was just stuck with muttering and Patrick told me to basically take a chill pill as there wasn’t much I could do anyway.

This did not make me feel better as I vehemently disagree with this. Yes, there isn’t much choice. The other class and that is it…and not much you can do without disrupting your child and other kids, etc., etc. However, I do still believe that a parent SHOULD be passionate about who is teaching their child and with what kids.

I firmly believe that there should be far more communication between parents and schools. I firmly believe that a PAC should be more than fundraising. Parental participation in school should be more than just volunteering in their classes and so on, though that is a good start. I firmly believe that the education of our children should be team effort between schools and parents.

I have been quite vocal about this in the past and I am sure the teachers cringe, when they see me coming.

Needless to say Patrick and I parted grouchily. I was going to wait to see how the kids were when they finished that day. I was also then starting to doubt myself and my beliefs about caring about my children’s school lives and so on.

Am I making too much of it? Should I not worry so? Should I not just sit back and let them deal and see how the report cards roll out? Do other parents not feel the urge to ‘rock the boat’ on behalf of their children?

Perhaps it was because of this that my back went out when I went to take Tara out of the stroller. Hmmmmm

I find it hard to not reflect my own school memories upon my children.    Unfortunately my elementary school memories are of a place far far away, and that seemed to be TOTALLY different from the school system here, past and present.

My memories of school are good.  I had a super school and super friends and great teachers.  I was very lucky.

I suppose I want my children to have good memories of their school too.  Industrial Education Factory or no….good education or no, it still should be fun right?  It still should help produce functioning adults for our beleaguered society right?  And I think friendships in school create a solid basis for any sort of education.  After all, how can you do well in your studies if you are miserable?

Anyway…that is how I feel about school.  My husband has slightly different views and that is fine…..we just need to work around them for some sort of balance….I get that.

So I waited to see how my kids felt about the situation.

I was relived to see that many parents from all grades seemed equally perturbed by the situation, and the area around the school was filled with parents talking about where their kids were and with who and if they should or could change that if needed.  My relief was that not all parents were going to just roll with it…that many seemed concerned.

I hope the school had many discussions with parents if they weren’t happy.   I have not.  Yet.

Both children have told me that they are happy with their set up and who they have in their classes.   We shall now just have to see how they adjust and how they roll with the new school year.

I am sure Patrick is happy to have a wife who is NOT railing at the system for the moment……we have both been frequent visitors to the school in the past.  We have not been happy with how things have been handled…but will just see for now.

I am sure he is less happy about having a wife doubled over in pain with ice packs shoved down her pants and stinking of muscle rubs….oh and Wheat Germ Oil.

That is to help with my C-section scar,  which my chiropractor is convinced is the root of all and any back troubles I am having.    I love my chiropractor.  I love the deep tissue pummeling he is giving me just now to help work this out.  My back and left thigh are KILLING ME.

I missed my second PAID boot camp class because of the back pain and had to cancel an important lunch on Friday too.

Once again..despite commenter’s telling me to get a grip….if this isn’t karma or some sort of cosmic message kicking me in the face, I don’t know what is.

My attempts of trying to live ‘outside the mom box’ seem to be continually thwarted.  I think I need to start paying attention to what is going on here.  To listen to the ‘signals’ that are being sent to me.

I think I need to reevaluate how I am living.   It could fix the rut of permanent frustration I seem to be stuck in.

It would probably make life easier for all around me…including the teachers.

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  1. I don’t know about split classes. I was in a lot of split classes in elementary school, and I think most of the time I enjoyed them. But I lived in a small community so a lot of the time it ended up being more of a “learn at your own rate” thing.

    Also, sciatica sucks.

  2. Hi me again. I hope you are not getting sick of hearing from me. But as a teacher I thought I would reply with my perspective.
    First of all, I absolutely think at the end of a school year you should send a letter to the principal requesting a placement for your child. Whether you want to request friends or grade configurations or even the teacher (although some schools are not keen on this part). If you ask for too many things you will not get them all, but if you choose one important thing, it is likely you will get that thing (in my experience anyway).

    As far as split classes go, it is a reality that will not go away unless you go to a private school. As a teacher I am o.k. with them and there are some benefits. It is my job as a teacher to make sure that every student in the class is being challenged and progressing. Whether I have a combined class or a straight grade, the range will be from 1- 3 years (think of reading and writing ability). This year, I have a grade 1/2. Yesterday we did some writing and of my grade ones and only my grade ones, some were able to represent a word with letters (example stanley park SP) and others were able to write a full page independently. So regardless of whether I have a combined class or a straight grade, this is the range of abilities I am dealing with.
    Just my two cents,

  3. This is my first year in public school, and with our local school, so I don’t have a lot of opinions yet. I’m just trying to pick things up and learn. I made it through the first day of kindergarten today, and now I’m focused on tomorrow when they’ll stay the whole time and all the children will be there. It’s one day at a time just now. But in a few months, I’m sure I’ll have all SORTS of opinions of my own. 😉

  4. I see everything from the reverse lens due to my husband being a teacherman. Regardless of HIM, I do beleive that most elementary schools in Vancouver are lovely places and you really don’t need to worry. It’s high school where things get tricky.

  5. My own opinion on this is it’s a good thing but I can understand your apprehension. I went through school in Vancouver and from kindergarten to grade seven I was in split classes. I enjoyed it and it helped those kids who needed more challenges and those who didn’t in different ways. I think it really depends on the teachers and how they teach though.

    Also because you are loved lol you’ve been tagged in eight is enough. http://rantsnrascals.com/eight-is-enough/ so please pick up your questions from me here and don’t forget to pass them around to your fav 8 with your questions. Can’t wait to read your post.

    Have a great weekend.

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