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Tara gets really mad at me if I forget to read a book to her at bedtime.  What I love is that the two older kids come and listen too.  Despite all the tech in the house, my kids still love books and the magic of reading.   So Tara was THRILLED when I returned from our last event with a special book from the Knowledge Network.

The Knowledge Network has always been special to my family…for my mom because of all the British shows and for the kids because of their quality children’s programming.  Knowledge Kids does such a great job of making learning FUN and this book is delightful in giving their own little mascots – Luna, Chip and Inkie – a life of their own and a chance to share their adventures with parents and kids.

knowledge kids

It is fun book and a great read.   My family love camping and the great outdoors, so Tara was totally engaged in their adventure and helping them figure out how to solve their little dilemma.  I love how BC this book feels, the art and imagery are great.   Luna Chip and Inkie are perfect BC characters too.   Any kid who has spent time at the Vancouver Aquarium will love seeing an octopus in action.

If you don’t already I highly recommend you support and donate to Knowledge Network.  This is a local institution that does so much for education and entertainment and BC wouldn’t be the same without it.  And buy the book….the proceeds help too :)

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  1. My son really enjoyed the same book as well! He recognized right away that it was knowledge kids!

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