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Before I get to the good stuff, let me tell you why it took so long (partly) to write this post.  October has not been a good month.  There has been so much bleh sickness running through the house since the kids started school, so I have been feeling very run down.  It has also been a very busy time for all in the Crunch family.  However the big smash head on desk moment was when my hard drive decided to die on me.  On a weekend.   A friend of mine referred me to a repair place who quickly confirmed that it was past saving even for him.  My gallant husband new I could not be without a computer and whisked me off to Staples to find a new laptop before they shut.


Our local Staples has a great selection of laptops and the specs and prices satisfied my husband’s requirements for what would work for me.  One issue taken care of.  The next was to see if anything could be done to my poor old hard drive.  Oh yeah and my NEW laptop would not download Outlook.  Outlook and I have issues.  I headed back to Staples and their tech support and asked if they could help.  My new laptop issues were solved easily and quickly and the tech just called to say that my only hope for the old hard drive would be costly data retrieval and it really isn’t worth that.  But they tried.

We have purchased a lot of tech from Staples.  When the dogs were eating every power cord we owned, it was their staff who helped me find the best and most affordable replacements.  We got the best advice on a printer for the house, new cheaper power cords for the iPods and all school supplies are purchased there.  I like my local Staples.  They are friendly and informed and if someone doesn’t know an answer, they will go and find someone who does.   They also put up with my kids.

You can imagine that I was quite thrilled to be approached by their Public Relations to help promote their technical knowhow and availability of top notch products.  For families like mine that consist of a LOT of technology for business and entertainment, Staples is a great one stop shop both online and off.  A vital part of any tech household is a good router.  Our Telus one is not really cutting it when it comes to reach and power throughout the house and we really do need to find something to boost the power.

This great interactive infographic is a great place to start your research on what sort of router to purchase for your home. You can click on each tab under the title to see 1) what you’re doing online and 2) to see how that use affects how you’re connected (and ultimately what router you need). The heart of your network is your router. Every gadget and gizmo that hooks up to the Internet relies on a router. Quite simply: better routers help us connect to the internet faster.  Thank goodness Staples has a great selection of routers to choose from, including the Netgear router because, according to Staples, it offers twice the bandwidth with better connection and less interference.

Staples has kindly offered to help my readers get better connected to the internet.  Simply comment below with how many bits of tech in your house rely on Wi-Fi and internet connectivity by November 15th and you can win ANY one of the routers listed here up to $100 value.  Your choice.

Staples did sponsor this post in the form of a gift card, but the items mentioned above were all purchased BEFORE contact with them.  The brand loyalty was already there.

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  1. 3 laptops, 3 ipads, our home phone needs a router! A fair amount hey!

  2. We have three laptops, one desktop, 4 iPods, an XBOX, A PS3 and a Wii all hooked up to our wifi!

  3. Julie Bolduc says:

    We have 2 pc’s three tablets

  4. Our phone is true vonage (requires internet) a desktop, 2 laptops, a ps3, an ipad, 2 ipods and 3 cell phones.

  5. We have one computer and one phone that rely on Wi-Fi.

  6. We have a desktop, Xbox, Wii, Ipad, and smartphones all hooked up to wifi all day long lol!! it is nuts and gets slow sometimes

  7. Just one router? I think not! LOL We have phones and laptops Xbox PS3 Ipods and tablets……that is plural for each! LOL

  8. A computer ,Ipod ,laptop and PS3

  9. 1 PC, 1 Macbook, 1 iPad, 2 iPhones, PS3, Apple TV, and Netflix. Our 3 cats don’t count, but they’re darn cute.

  10. Brenda Penton says:

    Ughh too many! 23 total: 2pc, server, 2 Nintendo DS, 3 wdtv, 2 printer, ipad, ipod, kobo, nexus, tv, xbox, ps3, wii, 2 laptop, 2 phones and NAS

  11. Our home is relatively low tech. We have a desktop and laptop connected to WIFI. Our printer is also WIFI because I didn’t want a cable on the desk. I’d like to upgrade to a smarter phone, so that might change. …and my four year old would love to have is little phone dad passed on to him connected (but that isn’t going to happen).

  12. Tammy Dalley says:

    3 tablets, ipad mini, laptop and a desktop!

  13. Karla Sceviour says:

    PC,netbook,Nook,ipod touch,PS3,Ds

  14. 2 Tablets, 1 Cellphone, 1 Laptop, 1 Netbook and 1 Desktop

  15. Michelle B says:

    We have 2 tablets 2 laptops and a printer connected to WIFI.

  16. roger simmons says:

    2 Wireless Printer. 2 Laptops+2 Desktops, An XBox360, 2 PSP, Our neighbors kids’ Iphone, 2 Cellphones when we are home. It’s quite well used.

  17. 2 laptops 1 printer

  18. 1 Tablet, 1 Laptop and 1 wireless printer

  19. 3 laptops, 1 Ipad, 2 desktops!

  20. 3 laptops, 2 iPads and 5 phones

  21. Angela Mitchell says:

    We have 1 smartphone, 1 desktop, 2 iPads, 2 Laptops…

  22. My have 2 laptops, a desktop and 2 smartphones that would benefit from a new router!

  23. Holly Messana says:

    We have on pc, one laptop, one smartphone and one tablet

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