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We obviously have a problem in this family.  We have SIX Apple devices in this house…..and for some reason we never have enough chargers or ear buds.  How does that happen?

Another thing we are always lacking in are covers for all these devices.  The iPad and iPad Mini are the most popular with the kids and there are CONSTANT battles over who gets a turn on them.  Touch devices are GROSS when it comes to kids.  I find baby wipes do a decent job cleaning the sticky grungy mess they become.

Finding a GOOD cover that works for everyone is crucial to stop the bickering and whining.  That is where companies like The Snugg come in.   They are available in Canada and the US (and UK) and are stylish rugged AND affordable.

They kindly let me choose the best item for us to review and we chose the Snugg iPad Mini Red Leather Case to try out.



The case is really nice.   It has a unique way to slip it on ….hidden Velcro that too me a minute to figure out.  However this means the iPad fits nice and tight allowing for less dirt to sneak in and gives it a nice feel when handling it and reaching the various buttons and switches around the tablet.    They are really proud of their ‘snugg fit’ and offer a lifetime guarantee on their cover just by registering.  The guarantee covers their convenient elasticated hand strap, stylus loop and the multi function cover.

Fun thing about the case is it is a FLIP stand too!



My daughter has this thing where she likes to watch My Little Pony videos on it AND have the toy ponies interact with the pad at the same time…..she is in heaven with the easy to use stand.  All their PU Leather iPad mini case covers have built in sleep/wake. Open and close the cover to see your iPad wake up and go to sleep. This great feature helps to lengthen your battery life. Gaming, browsing and catching up on emails can be done for even longer now, the laid back angle of one side of our stand is perfect for this.

The shade of red is lovely too.  If I was ever allowed to use the iPad mini for work related events, I would really enjoy carrying this around.

I have tended to let the kids use the mini but the case and flip stand made it more ‘alluring’ to me and I actually sat and watched a movie on it for the first time and was happy.

Snugg has a great variety of colours and styles not only for iPad, but for other tablets, smart phones and Kindle.  Their prices are reasonable as is their shipping.  If you are looking for a case with a bit of class that also protects your iPad, I would recommend them.



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