2013 Murano Platinum – Style

Thanks to the people at Nissan, the kids and I had the luxury of enjoying the gorgeous 2013 Nissan Murano – PLATINUM edition – throughout their spring break.  Talk about riding in style.  This car had it in spades.    My husband and I have been curious about the Murano since the line came out.  We always liked the big running shoe look of the car and we wondered if it was big enough for our family.    While LOGIC says our family should have a minivan so we have room for MORE than just the family, the Murano is a very stylish version of the many similar crossovers on the market that fit our 3 kids just fine.


And I mean fiiiiiiiine.  The kids LOVED the seats in the Platinum edition.   When they discovered that the very plush leather seats could also be heated, they were in heaven.   There was plenty of room for the two older kids and a car seat in the middle.    We even managed a road trip test, with a day trip to Victoria and had no complaints.   I didn’t manage to get an adult in the back, but there seemed to be plenty of leg room.

I did find it a bit odd that the best safety features seem to be only available on this version of the vehicle.   The Platinum edition has the blind spot warning system, lane warning system and moving object detection.  I think the blind spot warning system should be standard in every vehicle nowadays.  The blind spot system certainly saved us when an overly aggressive driver refused to let me into his lane (the only lane available for the tunnel).  The subtle flashing light on my driver’s side was enough to get me to get out of his way fast and without totally annoying all the other drivers around me.


The Murano is a great drive.  I loved how nicely the seat adjustment was to manage, it felt like MY car.  The dash is very intuitive again.  After driving the Quest, I think Nissan has done a great job of their dash including the navigation and entertainment systems.  I never once had a problem with the hands free calling or the GPS.    I have said it before, I think all cars now should be keyless.  It just makes life easier.  As should rear cameras.   I tend to feel more vulnerable now without one.  The auto lights and windshield wipers were great too, especially since the weather hit on every single element during Spring Break.   The V-6 engine purrs very quietly and the intuitive all-wheel drive was great in the city and on the highway.  I also found it very kind on the gas, though other reviewers have been less impressed.


The curvy sexy design does give up actual cargo space in the rear.  However, we did the two dog test and they were both quite happy and had room to lie down.   You might not be fitting in bikes and trikes, we did fit in a scooter, a tricycle and a pair of rollerblades on one of our outings.  The Murano fits families is a now tested fact.   Especially families that like a bit of luxury in their ride.

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