Sending the Second Family Car to College

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Ford teems with American automotive tradition, and with such a rich history and heritage, it offers several vehicles that can be assimilated into a great family ritual—sharing the family car between parents and their student offspring. Norman Rockwell should have painted a picture of dad dropping the keys to the car into the eager palm of his teenaged son, as the passing of the automobile is a milestone in a child’s life, as it is for in a parent’s. Ford offers several models that serve as excellent interchangeable vehicles that can serve both the parents and the teen driver. This article will examine a two such cars to serve as a guide for families that are looking to find that next vehicle to share and benefit from multiple uses.

Let’s try to Focus

The Ford Focus is an excellent family car that offers safety, comfort and sleek design. Parents will love the advanced safety features that have been integrated into a good solid frame that performed extremely well in crash tests. The car comes equipped with front, side, and canopy curtain air bags. It also comes loaded with electronic stability control and an anti-locking brake system. The Focus has an impressive vectoring control system that helps deliver power and stability when accelerating out of sharp turns and corners. An available option to add a rear-view camera is a great feature that helps the driver back out of parking spaces when there is heavy traffic.  Adding the active park feature that assists in steering the car into parking spaces is another good upgrade to consider. This allows the driver to focus extra attention on other obstacles in the immediate area.

Your teen will love the car’s sleek, modern design, as well as MyFord Touch, an upgraded 10-speaker Sony sound system with an interface that allows for a variety of multimedia options via the connection of a smartphone. Your teen can stream music through their Android or iPhone, and even access Sirius radio.

It’s Fiesta time!

If your family is looking to purchase a smaller more affordable vehicle, the 2013 Ford Fiesta is a great buy and a perfect car for a college student. US News ranked it as one of the best buys in the Affordable Small Car category, and this isn’t at all surprising. Starting at a base price of under 14K, Edmund’s praises the Fiesta as a vehicle that stands out in the crowd of small affordable cars because of its high-quality appearance and excellent driving dynamics—two things they say that make this car a pleasure to drive every time you’re behind the wheel. As any college student will be struggling to watch their budget, the Fiesta’s 30 MPG city and 40 MPG highway fuel economy makes this car a very attractive option. Not only will your student be saving money on gas to use towards food and books, they will be reducing their carbon footprint.

It’s time to Focus or have a Fiesta

Depending on budget, either one of these Fords is an excellent choice for a family car—especially if the car will be passed down to a teen to be used for college. Drop in and visit one of your local Ct Ford dealers and test drive both models to get a good feel for which one will rank higher as the family’s next potential car.

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