Is Patience all that it is Cracked up to be?

When people here about thee kids and dogs and cats and all in a teeny tiny townhouse, they either think I am a freaky animal hoarder or some earth motherly nature loving benign being…and think THAT sort of crunchy.

This is far from the truth.  For someone with as little tolerance and patience as I have, I have certainly NOT built a world conducive to maintaining any kind of happy family bliss.   What the HELL am I doing tends to be what crosses my mother’s mind.  The looks she gives me and my messy house say it all.

The reality is if I am more likely to be the type of person who shoots a pistol in the air to get the focus of those around me….kids AND dogs.  I swear sometimes when I am being ignored  I am searching around me for something to throw at them.

Being ignored drives me crazy. The selective hearing of my children probably has more to do with my husbands high blood pressure and my grey hair (oh yes, it is there).  I am shocked that  I apparently have really good blood pressure as some days I can feel the blood vessels getting set to explode.

I think I do fairly well at picking my battles and letting certain things slide….but the ignoring me….heck ignoring each other….sends me over the edge.  Think big bull seeing lots of red waved in front of them sort of edge.

The cheekiness that oozes from my son when he is pushing the buttons frankly boggles me.  The girls tend to just to go plain old drowning me out or totally ignoring me.  But the cocky thing that the boy has going…..I both admire and despise it at the same time.

Like the delay tactics and giggling upstairs right now are driving me batshit crazy. Even the senior cats are annoyed by it and have come down to glare at me from their retirement master bedroom and are asking me ‘WTF?’

My left eye is twitching.

Right now it is 10:55 at night.  I can still hear my son talking to his friend who appears to be testing us out as his adoptive family.  I think on the FUN factor we are failing.  It will be MORE apparent when I tell them in the morning…..depending on what sort of sleep I get I suppose….just how banned their smart arses are from their precious video games they are for the next few days.

When I say to my darling daughter to kindly stay in bed and stop bugging the boys……I actually mean it.

When I say to my darling son to not encourage her by smart talk and sniggering….I actually mean it.

These are the things that try my patience and make me question my abilities at parenthood and mothering and why I even THOUGHT I could do the job.

He just came down stairs to tell me he forgot his homework.  I heard him speaking of his homework and planning it out…….I had other things to deal with like cleaning dishes, feeding animals and getting his younger sister to bed.  Oh and know THAT stuff.

I have for sure failed in my parenting when all responsibility seems to fall upon my shoulders for everything.  I understand that they are young AND my mom, in all honesty, did EVERYTHING for me as child.   She micromanged my little life, so all I had to do was dawdle along through it.  I am guessing I have done the same thing for my own kids…however, I still feel that I learned responsibility and respect and ownership of work, issues, etc.  These seem to be concepts that escape my kids.

YES, they are young…am I expecting too much….am I totally failing in NOT doing enough. Should I micromanage them even more?

I don’t know because I frankly don’t know if I would have the patience for that sort of parenting.

Eh…I am going to bed.


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  1. I am not a fan of micromanagement. It just takes WAY too much energy.

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