How to Keep the Gifts a Surprise

Foolproof Ways to Deal with a Holiday Snooper 

With the holidays around the corner, so comes every gift-giver’s worst nightmare: the snooper. No matter how great of lengths you may go to in order to preserve the surprise of a wonderful gift, there are some snoopers who will go to even greater lengths to ruin the surprise. If there’s a snooper in your family, no matter how young or how old, you must take appropriate preventative measures in order to make sure that your holiday gifts go undiscovered. Check out these creative tips on dealing with a known snooper in your residence.

Rent a Storage Unit

At first this might seem like more of a hassle, but many storage units offer very affordable rates for one-month rentals and the snooper in your family won’t ever find the stash. Not only will the snooper not realize the gifts are out of the house, but if he or she somehow does discover the storage unit it will be under lock and key! Plus, you can do all the wrapping at your storage unit, so the gifts never even enter your house. Click herefor a more in depth article about why storage units are a great investment during the holidays.

Hide at a Friend’s House

This can be an easy way to throw a snooper off his or her trail, since they won’t ever have a trail to begin with. Hide your holiday gifts at a friend’s house to ensure your presents remain a surprise until the second they are opened. Even consider doing an exchange with a friend so his or her presents are hidden at your house. Just make sure you clearly tell the snooper that those presents are not your family’s presents, and that he or she will be in huge trouble if there’s any sort of attempted break in.

Keep them at Work

Keeping your gifts at work is a great idea, and is more popular than ever because it’s easy to just ship gifts right to your workplace. Shipping giftsdirectly to your work virtually eliminates any sort of snooper interception and makes sure that there will be surprises when the gifts are finally opened. Keep these gifts at your work until the very last minute possible so no one gets a peek. If you work from home, don’t get them in your home office. This is one of the first places that snoopers look!

Get Creative in Your Home

If you absolutely must keep your gifts in the known vicinity of a snooper, you need to get creative. Don’t just hide them in a crawl space or attic; really take the time to hide them. Do you have some big pots in your kitchen? Stash some gifts in them and push them towards the back of your cupboards. Maybe you’ve got some large moving boxes that haven’t been touched for ages in the garages. Stash the boxes in there. Whatever you do, make it absolutely foolproof. The snooper is on the prowl during late November and most of December, so avoid detection at all costs!

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