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Do you agree with me? If you put it out there, you cannot hide nor can you backtrack…..this is my theory anyway.   Hence this post.   I am quite excited about this.

After chatting with Meri Raffetto about the Mediterranean Cookbook for Dummies, I started reading more about her site Real Living Nutrition and the Balance Program that they offer.

We allow the weight to get up to a certain point. That point is different for everyone. It is that place where you begin to feel uncomfortable with your body and often frustrated. You may feel uncomfortable in your clothes or you may even experience low endurance, and decreased energy. Sometimes health problems begin to arise such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Does this sound like you?

Why yes, it does sound like me and I told Meri that.  I also told her about how proud I was of my husband and the work he was putting into totally changing not only his lifestyle, but his attitude towards health.  I don’t want a health scare to put me on my road….I need to get on that road right now.   Talking to Meri was the hook…the little light shining in the corner giving me a chance to get going before I totally fall apart. :)

I am putting it out here on the blog.  With the hlep of Lisa Nelson,  RD., I am going to take on their Balance Program and share here and through my tweets, Facebook, etc., my progress and thoughts.

This is my kick start and I am going to do it publicly to help me to not back out and go hide with a packet of Maltesers.

While weightloss is key to my health…..for me now it is more about feeling good.  I hate feeling tired. I hate relying on coffee to get me through the day…I want to feel good and I want to have enough energy to keep up with my crazy family.

This is the start……


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  1. Go, Kerry!!

  2. Pearly B. says:

    I shall get health conscious right now too. I’ve always been relying on coffee to energize my day. How should I quit my caffeine addiction? Thanks for your help in advance.


  3. Great time to renew the New Year’s resolution. More power to you! Make every day count!

  4. came up with the following “Crunchy” receipt. In a very large bowl place 3 cups of a rice cereal 3 cups of a corn cereal 2 cups of a soy cereal 1 pkg of carob chips 2 cups raisins 2 cups dried cranberries 2 cups chopped…

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