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This was quite a nice and domestic little weekend.  Us ‘rents really just wanted to take a moment to breathe and count our blessings.

Patrick had been feeling quite scarily unwell at the beginning of the week and apparently while I was away at Blissdom.  The week then was filled with him trying to figure out what was wrong and this for the doctors seems to be a process of elimination.  He has a couple more tests over the next couple of weeks too. Naturally we were a bit stressed by this.   It was only seeing him start to feel a bit better and less panicked, could I breathe too.

The kids had had a professional day on Friday, so I have been in long weekend mode….this is not as relaxing as it sounds.  The noise never goes away and I tend to forget to feed the rug rats too.

I was relieved come Friday night to have another adult watch my back.   (they bite when hungry)

The one thing on my agenda this weekend was to make sure Caitlyn attended her first go at selling cookies for the Brownies.  Yes, we have been flogging the boxes around our place, and I have probably bought most of them, but this was with the ‘Owls’ at the mall.  The big show, so to speak.

The other moms just dropped their kiddo’s off and headed out.  I had a feeling that Caity wanted me nearer, so I stuck around and just wandered off to shop a bit.  The mall on a Saturday is NOT a fun place to hang out.  Thank goodness Sears had a good sale!  But for the majority of her two hour stint, I stayed close by, chit chatted with the leaders and encouraged Caity to sell her little heart out.   Being that she was the first one to get a sale, I was danged proud.

Caitlyn originally joined the Brownies because her BFF was a member.  That was reason enough for mom to spend a fortune on membership and the outfit.  But when she put on her uniform, she glowed.  She really is a joiner and this is a perfect fit for her so far.  She loves all the rules and regulations. She loves her leaders.  She loves all their songs and so on.   She really shines when she is wearing her gear.

I was never a joiner.  I lasted one night at the Brownies and then wimped out.  Both Adam and Caity, despite their ability to flake out, have shown a great deal of maturity it when it comes to sticking it out and giving things chances.   Adam did track and field last year and just finished cross country.   He found the cross country much harder, but stuck to it, since there was only he and one other boy represented the 4th grade.   He took responsibility.

These are the moments when I can say ‘phew’ one parenting NON fail for me!! YAY.



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  1. Your kids are amazing. They just rise to the occasion.

  2. It’s awesome when kids find something they love and we allow them to love it! Our kids tried all sorts of sports and activities before they decided on karate. Trust me, I am still doing the happy dance when it’s raining outside and we get to sit indoors and watch them practice. I just can’t seem to find a “karate mom” bumper sticker anywhere! So glad to hear your daughter is loving the responsibilities and fun of Brownies. I loved Girl Guides too as a kid.

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