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The most rewarding part of attending an Enterprising Moms Network meeting is the connections.  The women are warm, enthusiastic and supportive.

One person I met was a lady called Maria.  Maria is a true ‘mompreneur.’  She saw a niche and filled with a lovely little product.  Maria felt that “every child deserves to feel connected, valued, special and loved.” She then figured out a way to help parents do just that.

Maria created ‘Little Jots.’

Little Jots is a a small booklet that contains a pen, pre-written affirmation notes and a space for you to write you own notes too.    You can fold them up and seal them with a ‘kiss’ or ‘hug’ sticker.

The pre-written notes are things like  ‘you are perfect the way you are,’ or ‘I believe in you.’   Simple affirmative messages.

I think this is really sweet.

The idea came back to me a few weeks ago when a Monday rolled along after a particular rocky weekend in the House of Crunch.   There was a dark cloud hanging over us and I knew the mood needed to be cleared up.   I grabbed a couple of post-its and scribbled a couple of quick notes about loving them to pieces and telling my son to stay strong.  I tucked them in their lunches.

Caity wasn’t too struck by hers, but Adam was tickled.   He thanked me and you could tell it had broken up the routine of the school day and given him a taste of ‘mom.’

I find boys to be very sensitive little creatures….and their feelings tend to get lost in the scuffle of dealing with boy stuff and the arduous journey of figuring out what it means to be a boy, be a person and growing up.

I tend to also leave him to deal a lot on his own..he is the oldest and so I guess I need him to be stronger…just for me.  Which really is not fair to an 8 year old.

I am having an interesting year…..and there is many things that are distracting me from the kids.  Many ‘me’ things that I need to focus on too.

But through all that…and the work that needs done and developed….the biggest thing I am trying to do is not say no to the kids.

SURE I will say no to cookies or junk or staying up late…but I will not say no when the kids ask for time with me.  Even if it just sitting watching tv with them.

I will be there them.

Thank you Maria for reminding me.


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  1. Just lovely. I think I’ll go out and buy some stickers and a little notepad just for leaving notes in lunch boxes. I’ve sent notes in the past but I like the idea of little stickers and I think my girls will too. Have a great weekend!

  2. Moanna’s (3yo) favorite thing is spending time “as a family.” She wants to do everything from watching a movie to cleaning up a mess “as a family.” Her two favorite days of the week are Sunday because we go to church and Wednesday because that’s our family day.

  3. I love it! If only my kids could read. 😉


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