Will Just Call this Foto Friday

Adam asked that I share his photos of his Dinosaur collection with my ‘readers’..so here they are:

new photos 366new photos 372

new photos 370new photos 366
Adam has his own camera..but really likes the ‘real’ one.

This is one of his dad hanging out with him…

new photos 374This is Tara this morning..she was ‘exploring…

new photos 377And Adam and T were snuggling…She is the only baby I have had that actually LIKES being on her tummy.  Adam and Caity would just flip out and scream.  She rolls around, falls on her face and seems to enjoy it and the laughter it generates from the kids.

new photos 375So yeah…I may have not gotten ANY sleep last night because Tara couldn’t settle and we let the kids stay up late and then they were in our bed and hot n sweaty so I retreated to the couch…same old same old…..They are all great kids and I am very blessed…mostly!!

And I love that it is 10:30 on a Friday and none of us are dressed!!!

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  1. it’s the perfect day to stay inside too. none of us are dressed here yet either lol

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