Fresh Perspectives for the Fall

September has been a bit of an odd month so far. This past week was the first full week of school for the kids and it has been a bit of a non event for them both. They both returned to the same teachers and classrooms from last year and just a few kids were shifted around.

Caity is devastated that her BFF is in another class. Mainly because her chief competition is in that class and enthusiastically courting her friend to replace Caity. Caity is not taking this well. However, I signed her up for Brownies so they get to do that together. Hopefully that will help. The playground altercations are getting bigger every day.

I love the beginning of the year when the job action is causing the teachers to not write ANYTHING down….having my son and daughter run in every day demanding money for recorders and ukulele’s and agenda’s and “show” fees with no clear explanation is so fun. Add the $120 for Brownies…OUCH!

It has been tough to get back into a routine. Tara is lost without her siblings and still too young to be in preschool. Needless to say my “work” projects have suffered a bit.

I was thrown totally off my game this week when I received a letter and an hour later a call asking me to do more tests due to my previous mammogram. FIRST one and they spot something.

They had me in right away for a closer look at my left breast and they also did an ultra sound. After googling to compare the images (techs don’t say anything) I think it is some sort of cyst. Hopefully they will confirm next week.

Adding that on to worrying about mom who is getting eye surgery next week AND having tests for what she was hoping WASN’T a heart issue…we have done too much doctor stuff so far.

The water dripping from the ceiling just made it all the more fun.

The most fascinating thing I did manage to do was spend a day with Kasia Rachfall. She invited me to try her One Day Epic Breakthrough Session that she does as part of her mom focused Fresh Perspective program.

Kasia is a Certified Professional Coach and Accredited Trainer of NLP and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Time Empowerment.  Both she and her husband walk the talk when it comes to the methods she shared with me in our one ‘bring it all on’ day.   A lot of it revolves around using visualization to rejig negative emotions – apparent and not – and enable you to rethink how to tackle an issue or problem.

It was an absolutely fascinating process.   What I loved about the whole thing was you can share only as much as you comfortable with. She is there just to talk you through the process.  She isn’t there to solve your problems or have you spill your deepest secrets with… is up to you.   That alone, I think is a big safety and comfort thing when people are exploring their inner selves.

Kasia helped me figure out ONE thing to focus on and just by answering a few questions, she managed to nail it down to something MORE than I had realized.  That in turn allowed me to travel down a path to the why’s of that issue and step away from it.

It was amazing.  I was skeptical about ‘picking’ instances and then totally blown away by the powerful emotions that bubbled up.

The visualization techniques that she then patiently walked me through were truly inspiring.

Now, I have homework and she is going to do followups to make sure I am not overwhelmed by all my initial revelations.   The real work comes from keeping these techniques in my heart so I can follow through.

For any of you mom’s out there, please do check out her website.  I love that she wants to focus on families…mom’s and dads.   She understands the pressures we put upon ourselves and how that affects us and our loved one’s physically and mentally.  She understand how clearing our selves of negative baggage we carry – how at least understanding that baggage – can free us from it and allow us to move forward, set goals and achieve them.

Kasia is a lovely and honest person.    She and her husband are hoping to set up parenting groups too, so if you are in the Langley/Cloverdale area, do keep an eye out for the up and coming events she is working on.

I will share more with you as I keep at this.

Onward and upward is my goal.   Balancing that out is the key.

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  1. Thanks for a lovely write up about your experience, Kerry! You are a joy to work with and I am grateful that I get to support you on this journey. This is only the beginning :)

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